community planning

Community Planning

community block grant

Community Development Block Grant

The CDBG program offers grants to small Missouri communities to improve local facilities, address critical health and safety concerns, and develop a greater capacity for growth. By offering resources to enhance a community’s quality of life, the program help sustain the community with technical and financial assistance.

economic development district

Economic Development District

The NEMO RPC applies developmental planning to the problems of economic growth and change in its six-county area by which the governing bodies and private interests of the Region decide how to use their available resources and powers to increase the output of goods and services to enhance the individual, economic wellbeing.

hazard mitigation

Hazard Mitigation Planning

The NEMO RPC has partnered with the State Emergency Management Agency and local county governments to create inclusive, comprehensive long-term plans that is developed before a disaster occurs to reduce or eliminate the long-term risk to human life and property from hazards.

solid waste management

NEMO Solid Waste Management District

The NEMO RPC devotes time toward the development and implementation of a solid waste management plan for the six-county area and oversees the regulatory and administrative documents necessary to stay in compliance with state statutes.