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 Northeast Missouri Regional Transportation Advisory Council (TAC)

NEMO Work Plan 2020

The Northeast Missouri Regional Transportation Advisory Council (TAC) is comprised of eighteen (18) members representing county government, city government, transportation corridor groups, other transportation partners, and the Missouri Department of Transportation. There are three (3) members in each county and they are appointed by the resident County Commissioners. 

  • Adair County
      • Mark Shahan (county)
      • Mari Macomber (municipalities)
      • Harold Osborn (at-large)
  • Clark County
      • Buddy Kattelmann (county)
      • Wayne Blum (municipalities)
      • Henry Dienst (at-large)
  • Knox County
      • Evan Glasgow (county)
      • Alexandra Reel (municipalities)
      • Roger Parton (at-large)
  • Lewis County
      • Wayne Murphy Jr. (county)
      • Deanne Whiston (municipalities)
      • Travis Fleer (at-large)
  • Schuyler County
      • Jim Werner (county)
      • Vacant (municipalities)
      • Jeff Lindquist (at-large)
  • Scotland County
      • Duane Ebeling (county)
      • Jenny Aldridge (municipalities)
      • David Wiggins (at-large)

The TAC incorporates local communities into the statewide transportation process by accepting responsibilities such as attending and participating in quarterly meetings; understanding the scope of work to be accomplished by the TAC and the Northeast Missouri Regional Planning Commission/Rural Development Corporation; understanding the planning framework process and how the TAC’s involvement is incorporated into the process; providing input on transportation needs in our counties and communities; distributing information to communities and residents; prioritizing transportation needs for the region; prioritizing multi-modal transportation projects for the region; and as always by providing ideas to the NEMO RPC/RDC staff on ways to improve the planning process and TAC meetings.

Year after year, NEMO RPC/RDC banks on the TAC to submit local transportation needs to the agency at TAC meetings which are then prioritized by the committee as a whole. This process is ever changing. This list of needs is then submitted to our local MoDOT district office by March of the fiscal year.

Public Transit/Human Services Transportation Plan

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MoDot Title VI

NEMO RPC Title VI Policy