Adair County Cares Act Funds – Apply

ADAIR County, MO—The Adair County Commission has received $2,973,240 in federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic (CARES) Act, and is now ready to begin accepting applications from cities, political subdivisions, public agencies and businesses for reimbursable COVID-19 expenses that they have incurred, beginning March 1, 2020. The county can reimburse costs up to Dec. 30. Any funds not spent must be returned to the U.S. Treasury.

Northeast Missouri Regional Planning Commission has been assisting Adair County review the act, develop an application and administrative process that would meet audit requirements. NEMO RPC staff will be handling the grant administration for Adair County.

NEMO RPC has created a webpage on its website where Adair County application information can be found no later than Monday, June 22, 2020. That URL is

Disbursement of CARES Act funds must be directly related to expenses from COVID-19 incurred during the period that begins March 1 and ends December 30, and for local governments and public entities, those expenses were not accounted for in the budget most recently approved as of March 27.

Each applicant must complete a certification form, where they agree to comply with funding requirements, including repaying the reimbursement grant if the expenditure is deemed ineligible in the future.

For local governments and public entities, reimbursable expenses can include payroll expenses for public safety, public health and health care, expenses to improve telework capabilities and expenses of providing paid sick and paid family and medical leave to public employees. The application asks for contact information and detailed description of the cost incurred and how they are COVID-19 related. The form also provides a list of eligible expenditure, and applicants are encouraged to review that list before applying. Applicants will then list expenses on an application spreadsheet and attach invoices and proof of payment. County entities will be required to complete reimbursement requests.

Adair County is also offering a business grant program. Per the CARES Act, the county may pay expenditures related to the provision of grants to small businesses to reimburse the costs of business interruption caused by required closures.

A separate application has been created for business requests and businesses must provide documentation to support their requests. Businesses will have to provide a copy of valid business license (city and county), past tax records for 2019, profit/loss statement for 2020 prepared by accountant or tax professional, completed w-9 and other documentation depending on the request. For example, copies of paystubs for employee relief, copies of current utility bills and copies of last rent/mortgage payment should be included if requesting grant funds for those costs. Businesses seeking funding must have been in business prior to Feb. 29, 2020.

Nonprofits will be eligible to apply for direct COVID-19 related expenses through the public entity application and expenses related to loss of revenue or impacts to the business due to COVID-19 via the business application.

Adair County reimbursement requests will be directed to Marla Greiner at NEMO RPC, where staff will review the application, make sure the request is eligible for funding and verify that the documentation meets the requirements for a Single Audit. A verified application will then be forwarded to the Adair County Commission for review and approval. Those that are approved will be forwarded to the county treasurer for payment to the applicant. NEMO RPC staff will maintain files for the county and track all requests and expenditures. 

Persons with questions about Adair County grant can contact Derek Weber or Marla Greiner at NEMO RPC at 660-465-7281 or by email at and

For more information, visit

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